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Numerical Simulation of Pollutants and Fire Propagation

Course aims

Students will learn about theoretical and practical approaches for the numerical solution of dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere, through which they learn to design a mathematical model for solving the problem of this applications. An important part of the work is to evaluate solution, compare with theory and experiments and determine the limits of solvability in the field of application. This can give result in recommendations for the cases of emergency planning.


INCROPERA, F. a kol. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, 6. edition, John Wiley and Sons 2007, 996p., ISBN 978-0-471-45728-2

ANSYS FLUENT INC. FLUENT User’s guide. Available from local Help of ANSYS Fluent

Advised literature

NIKOLAY I. KOLEV. Multiphase flow dynamics. 1, Fundamentals / - 2nd ed. Berlin : Springer, c2005 - xxxv, 753 s. : il. + 1 CD-ROM ISBN 3-540-22106-9

Language of instruction Czech
Code 338-0720
Abbreviation NumModPo
Course title Numerical Simulation of Pollutants and Fire Propagation
Coordinating department Department of Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Equipment
Course coordinator doc. Ing. Tomáš Blejchař, Ph.D.