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Special and Experimental Methods in Machining

Course aims

After completing this course you will be able to actively use the physical fundamentals of machining for measuring important machining parameters such as cutting force, rustiness, machinability, heat and temperature, etc. Further processing then operate the new and modern production methods and gear you will be acquainted with the progressive methods of machining Such as HSC, HFCs and construction machinery and tools for these technologies.


[1] PETŘKOVSKÁ, L.; PETRŮ, J. Engineering Metrology and Assembly. Ostrava : VŠB-Technická univerzita Ostrava, 2012, p. 57.
[2] ČEP, R.; SADÍLEK, M. Machining Technology and CAM Systems. Ostrava : VŠB-Technická univerzita Ostrava, 2012.

Advised literature

[1] STAHL, J-E. METAL CUTTING – Theories and models. Sweden : Division of Production and Materials Engineering. Lund University Sweden, 2012. 580 s. ISBN 978-91-637-1336-1 .

Language of instruction Czech
Code 346-0521
Abbreviation SEMO
Course title Special and Experimental Methods in Machining
Coordinating department Department of Machining, Assembly and Engineering Metrology
Course coordinator prof. Ing. Robert Čep, Ph.D.