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Course aims

The main objective of this subject is to obtain knowledge in area of computer supported progressive design and construction processes. In the first part it is utilization of the Behavioral Modeling technology, i.e. creation of parts and assemblies with settled resulting behavior (for example position of the center of gravity, volume, surface, mass properties ect.), where system Pro/Engineer participates on dimensioning of the parts or assemblies using feasibility or optimization studies. In the second part student obtain knowledge in area of the shape and dimensional optimization of the parts and assemblies from point of view of loads and structural analysis. In the last part student obtain basic knowledge in area of concurrent engineering with computer support – tools as Skeleton and Layout.


[1] Cooper, D. Pro/Mechanica – Using Motion with Pro/Engineer. PTC document DOC-U119-EN-200, 1998
[2] PTC, Waltham , Masssachusetts, USA, Pro/MECHANIKA, Using Structure with Pro/ENGINEER. USA 1997.

Language of instruction Czech
Code 354-0519
Abbreviation CADIV
Course title CAD IV
Coordinating department Department of Robotics
Course coordinator prof. Dr. Ing. Vladimír Mostýn