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Course aims

Knowledge problems design and setting bio - robotic arrangement, be able to determine requirements for application in non engineering areas, can design needed subsystems of mobile robots, synthesis of mobile robot, determine criteria for practical application.


MENZEL, P. - D’ALUISIO, F. Robo sapiens: evolution of a new species: USA, New York, 2000. 239 p. ISBN 0-262-13382-2.

Advised literature

Kárník, L., Knoflíček, R., Marcinčin, J. N. Mobilní roboty. Opava: MÁRFY SLEZSKO, 2000. 210 s. ISBN 80-902746-2-5.

Language of instruction Czech
Code 354-0520
Abbreviation BIOR
Course title Biorobotics
Coordinating department Department of Robotics
Course coordinator doc. Ing. Zdenko Bobovský, PhD.