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Energy and Data Distribution

Course aims

The student will acquire knowledge and skills in the field of energy management and data / signal distribution in the areas of robotics - industrial, and service. He / she is able to use suitable design and simulation tools and is well informed in the relevant legislation.


Wiring Diagrams Books, Square D Company, Automation and Control Business, P.O. Box 27446, Raleigh, N.C. 27611, USA
Basic principles of pneumatics and electropneumatics, FESTO Didactic, F. Ebel, S. Idler, G. Prede, D. Scholz, 3rd edition 2017, 211 pages, in color, bound.

Advised literature

ČSN/EN/ISO Standards on relevant topics.
Geoffrey Stokesm, Handbook of Electrical Installation Practice, Fourth Edition, 2003, Blackwell Publishing

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 354-0604
Abbreviation NEaDR
Course title Energy and Data Distribution
Coordinating department Department of Robotics
Course coordinator Ing. Ján Babjak, Ph.D.