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CAD 2 - Motion Analysis of Mechanisms

Course aims

In this course, students will be introduced to methods of calculating kinematic quantities for solving direct and inverse problems of kinematics, dynamic quantities - reactions and loading forces for the purpose of dimensioning mechanisms in motion, modeling and simulation of motion of mechanisms and determining collisions of mechanism components.


Zhao, J. Advanced theory of constraint and motion analysis for robot mechanisms. Place of publication not identified: ELSEVIER ACADEMIC Press. 2017, ISBN 9780124201620 

Advised literature

Chang, K.-H. Mechanism Design and Analysis Using PTC Creo Mechanism 6.0, SDC Publications, 2015, ISBN 9781585039463 

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 354-0609
Abbreviation CAD2
Course title CAD 2 - Motion Analysis of Mechanisms
Coordinating department Department of Robotics
Course coordinator doc. Ing. Zdenko Bobovský, PhD.