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Industrial Robots Programming 1

Course aims

Learning outcomes of the course unit The aim of the course is to introduce ABB Robot Studio simulation software for ABB industrial robots. Students will acquire the knowledge necessary for the definition and modification of more complex trajectories, in particular they will be trained in the creation of off-line simulations, with which it is possible to prove the viability of a given program and to determine the cycle time. The student will work within the course in a virtual simulation environment, after verification will be able to verify the virtual data in a real robotized workplace.

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Advised literature

[1] ABB AB Robotics Products SE-721 68 Västerås Sweden.Operating Manual: Robotstudio[online]. In: . 2010, s. 490 [cit. 2019-08-06]. PRODUCT ID: 3HAC032104-001.

Type of study Follow-up Master
Language of instruction English
Code 354-0623/02
Abbreviation PPR1
Course title Industrial Robots Programming 1
Credits 3
Coordinating department Department of Robotics
Course coordinator doc. Ing. Zdenko Bobovský, PhD.