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Design Optimization with CAD Support

Course aims

The aim of the course is to gain knowledge in advanced methods of computer aided mechanical design, based on the so-called "Modeling the behavior mechanisms" (Behavioral Modeling)or topology optimalization. This principle provides the tools to create models based on pre-defined target functions. As the objective function can serve as an analysis of the resulting dimensions, weight parameters, the parameters of curves and surfaces, and the relationships between them and the results of the analysis of movement. Properties from the model analysis thus allow only model to quantify, but these results are entered as the target behavior.


Bendsoe, M. P. Optimization of structural topology, shape, and material. Berlin: Springer 1995. 271s. ISBN 3-540-59057-9
Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica Help center.

Language of instruction čeština, čeština, čeština, angličtina
Code 354-0907
Abbreviation OPTICAD
Course title Design Optimization with CAD Support
Coordinating department Department of Robotics
Course coordinator doc. Ing. Zdenko Bobovský, PhD.