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Numerical Linear Algebra 1

Course aims

Linear algebra stands behind computer solutions to complex engineering problems. The course Numerical Linear Algebra 1 aims at helping students to classify problems of linear algebra and choose a proper algorithm for the solution regarding stability (sensitivity of the output data on the inputs) and computational complexity.


- J.D. Tebbens, I. Hnětynková, M. Plešinger, Z. Strakoš, P. Tichý - Analysis of Methods for Matrix Computations. Basic Methods. Matfyzpress Prague, 2012.

Advised literature

- G.H. Golab, C.F. Van Loan - Matrix Computations, 4th edition. The John Hopkins University Press, 2013.

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 470-2210
Abbreviation NLA1
Course title Numerical Linear Algebra 1
Coordinating department Department of Applied Mathematics
Course coordinator doc. Ing. Dalibor Lukáš, Ph.D.