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Mathematical Theory of Reliability

Course aims

Graduate of the subject will be know basic mathematics which is necessary for reliability estimation and quantification.


Barlow,R.E.- Proschan,F.: Mathematical Theory of Reliability, SIAM 1996,
ISBN 0-89871-369-2.

Advised literature

Aven T., Jensen U.: Stochastic Models in Reliability, 1999 Springer-Verlag New York,Inc., ISBN 0-387-98633-2.

Fleming T.R., Harrington D.P.: Counting Processes and Survival Analysis, Wiley 1991, ISBN 0-471-52218-X.

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 470-4407
Abbreviation MTS
Course title Mathematical Theory of Reliability
Coordinating department Department of Applied Mathematics
Course coordinator prof. Ing. Radim Briš, CSc.