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Numerical Methods III

Course aims

The aim of the course is to introduce advanced topis of numerical analysis for partial differential equations. In the first part we shall deal with mathematical modelling in elasticity, the other part treats fluid dynamics. Both parts start with deriving a mathematical model from physical principles. Then variational formulations are introduced, which are solved by the finite element method afterwards.


Braess, D.: Finite elements. Cambridge University Press, 2001

Feistauer, M.: Theory and numerics for problems of fluid dynamics. MATFYZ UK Praha, 2006

Advised literature

Quarteroni, A., Valli, A.: Numerical approximation of PDEs. Springer, 2008.

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 470-4505
Abbreviation NM3
Course title Numerical Methods III
Coordinating department Department of Applied Mathematics
Course coordinator doc. Ing. Dalibor Lukáš, Ph.D.