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Applied Linear Algebra

Course aims

Students will learn about the role of fundamental concepts of linear algebra in analysis of engineering problems, with their properties, classification, with special matrices that appear in applications, with matrix decompositions, spectral characteristics of matrices and with matrix functions.


G. Strang, Introduction to Linear Algebra, 4th Edition,
Wellesley-Cambridge Press

Advised literature

J. W. Demmel, Applied Numerical Linear Algebra, SIAM Philadelphia 1997.
F. R. Gantmacher: The theory of matrices. Vol. 1-2. 1959 translation. (English)

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 470-6501
Abbreviation ALA
Course title Applied Linear Algebra
Coordinating department Department of Applied Mathematics
Course coordinator prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Dostál, DSc.