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Engineering Technologies I

Subject aims

Students will be able to: explain the basic concepts related to metal forming, casting and welding technology,
- clarify the effect of treatment on the properties and structure of the material, explain the basic laws of forming deformation, describe the basic tools, machines and technology principles volume hot forming, cold forming, dividing , deep drawing, bending, casting,
- unconventional forming technology,
- basic processes of welding, marking and calculations of welded joints and structures, evaluation of weldability of materials and technology cutting.


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[2] BRIEN, O., GUZMAN, C. Welding Handbook,Volume 3, 2007, AWS, ISBN 978-0-87171-053-6

Advised literature

[1] MARTIN, J., W.Materials Processing, Concise Encyklopedia of Materials Processing, 2009, Elsevier, Oxford, UK, ISBN 978-0-08-096492-8 Welding Handbook,Volume 3, 2007, AWS, ISBN 978-0-87171-053-6
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AbbreviationST I
Czech titleStrojírenské technologie I
English titleEngineering Technologies I
Guaranteeprof. Ing. Stanislav Rusz, CSc.
Guarantee departmentDepartment of Mechanical Technology
Language of teachingCzech