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Designing of Robotic Workplaces 1

Course aims

Analyzing the requirements of the client and their transformation into a detailed list of requirements.
Determination of other parameters for the design of a robotic workplace - completion of a requirements list to specify the task.
Impact of automation / robotic automation on the production process.
Sequence of activities for preparation of quotation for supply of automation.
Process of design and implementation of automation / robotic workplace.
Basic awareness of related legislation.


[1] Dinwiddie, K. Basic Robotics, Cengage Learning; 1 edition, 2015, 352p., ISBN 978-1133950196 .

[2] Tolio, T. (ed.) Design of Flexible Production Systems. Methodologies and Tools. Springer, 2009. 300 p. ISBN 978-3-540-85413-5 .

Advised literature

[1] Bock, T., Linner, T. Robot-Oriented Design. Design and Management Tools for the Deployment of Automation and Robotics in Construction. Cambridge University Press. 2016. 352 p. ISBN: 978-1-107-07638-9 .

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 354-0614
Abbreviation PRP1
Course title Designing of Robotic Workplaces 1
Coordinating department Department of Robotics
Course coordinator Ing. Václav Krys, Ph.D.