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Functions of a Complex Variable

Course aims

To give students knowledge of basic concepts of complex functions of complex variable, Laplace transforms and Fourier series.


G.James and D.Burley, P.Dyke, J.Searl, N.Steele, J.Wright: Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics,Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1994.
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Michael W. Frazier: An introduction to wavelets through Linear Algebra, Springer,1999, ISBN 0-387-98639-1.

Advised literature

Galajda, P., Schrötter, Š.: Funkce komplexní proměnné a operátorový počet, Alfa-Bratislava, 1991.
Škrášek, J., Tichý, Z.: Základy aplikované matematiky II, SNTL, Praha, 1986.

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 470-8727
Abbreviation FKP AVAT
Course title Functions of a Complex Variable
Coordinating department Department of Applied Mathematics
Course coordinator doc. RNDr. Marek Lampart, Ph.D.