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ICT-NANO-BIO Brokerage Event

Initiate research projects, accelerate innovation and facilitate business development by meeting potential cooperation partners in face-to-face meetings!

EURAXESS roadshow arrives at the Technical University of Ostrava on 12th November

Get in and go far with your research career!

EUREKA Innovation Award

EUREKA Innovation Award, all projects that have been finalised between 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014 are invited to nominate themselves before the 5th of November. 

Students had unique opportunity to meet Nobel Laureate Jerome Friedman.

Prof. Jerome Friedman gave students couple of inspiring lectures and seminars focused on particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. 

Our Salomon supercomputer is the 40th most powerful supercomputer in the world

Salomon´s computational power might reach 2 PFLOPS. 


10.11.2015 | Kwangsu Park is South Korean student currently attending Technical University of Ostrava. Why did he choose Czech university as a destination for his studies abroad? And what does he like the most about our country? Read on and find out more about Kwangsu, South Korea and much more in today’s article by Bára Urbanovská.
30.10.2015 | Read an inspiring interview with Nobel Laureate Prof. Friedman.
15.10.2015 | INVITATION: Nominate your EUREKA project consortium for the EUREKA Innovation Award 2015/2016
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