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What we offer to scientists, inventors and academics:

Do you need advice on intellectual property? Do you want to cooperate with a company? Or are you going to start your own business and would like to use the intellectual property of the university?

  • methodological support from registering an employee invention through ensuring adequate protection of rights to managing an intellectual property portfolio;
  • communication with the patent offices of the countries concerned, communication with external patent offices;
  • professional cooperation and project management in the Proof of Concept phase, i.e. verification of the applicability of new research and development results for their commercial application in the application sphere;
  • methodological assistance in finding a suitable form for the application of the invention in practice or on the market;
  • legal support in implementing the chosen path of commercialization;
  • selection of a potential business partner or investor and support in business negotiations;
Intellectual property protection

In the field of intellectual property protection, we offer methodological support in the announcement of inventions and ensure their subsequent protection. We also organize educational events in IPP, organize expert consultations, seminars, workshops, etc.

  • consultancy on intellectual property law
  • ensuring the protection of intellectual property that has arisen during research
  • administrative and legal support for inventors
  • cooperation in the transfer of knowledge and technology into practice
  • allocating revenues from technology transfer

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  • search for commercial partners for contract research
  • seeking financial resources for ensuring contract research
  • negotiation and preparation of contracts
  • support of innovative business and establishment of spin-off companies
  • offer and sale of technologies and knowledge (inventions, know-how, software, etc.)

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Proof of concept

Process of verifying the applicability of new research and development results for their commercial application in the application sphere.

It identifies practically usable results of research and development incl. technological, economic, social, health and other impacts of the innovated product in the form of:

  • model
  • functional sample
  • prototype
  • creation of test series

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