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Intellectual property protection

In the field of intellectual property protection, we offer methodological support in the announcement of inventions and ensure their subsequent protection. We also organize educational events on IPP issues, organize expert consultations, seminars, workshops, etc.

Services provided in the field of IPP:

We provide the processes and services listed below in cooperation with the inventors and authorized patent attorneys.


We will assist you in researching:

  • whether and to what extent the solution under consideration is new to the world
  • whether it is already protected for the benefit of another entity
  • whether the solution under consideration is eligible for legal protection and in what forms
Legal protection

We deal with administrative proceedings for granting protection for subjects of industrial property in the Czech Republic and abroad:

  • patent protection of inventions (including European patent and international PCT application)
  • industrial designs
  • utility models
  • topography of semiconductor products
  • trademarks etc.

Legal support for concealing the results of creative activities without industrial-legal protection, qualified publication.

Controversial proceedings

We deal with redress proceedings in the decision on the protection of subjects of industrial property at the relevant patent office.

Industrial property

We provide legal support:

  • in the actual use of the subject of industrial property
  • when assigning rights to the subject of industrial property (transfer)
  • when granting a licence for the subject of industrial property
Dealing with infringements

We monitor the maintenance of rights and care for the prevention of infringements by third parties of intellectual property within the territorial scope of intellectual property protection.

Enforcement of rights

We provide legal support in the enforcement of rights to the subject of intellectual property.

Professional staff education

We organize seminars, trainings and workshops in the field of industrial legal protection for academic and scientific staff.

Do not miss:

Technical solutions for industrial legal protection MAY NOT BE PUBLISHED BEFORE FILING AN APPLICATION at the Industrial Property Office!!!

Technical solutions not subject to registration with the Industrial Property Office can be registered at Commercialisation of R&D Results by 15 January! After that date all results (even those generated in the previous year) will be registered in the new year!

If there are graduation theses (bachelor, master or doctoral) in your workplace that are to be protected in whole or in part, they must not be published in EDISON. The essence of the invention must remain secret. The publication regime is contained in the internal regulations of each faculty. These cases must be handled individually with the management of the relevant faculty.

Contact persons

IPP Consultant

IPP Consultant