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From Strahov to NASA


How can a boy from Ostrava get a job with the US space program?
What is it like to be a Czech scientist working overseas, and how much experience does one have to gain first to make it beyond the borders of one's own country?

Listen to the story of a journey towards a slightly different American dream.
With humor and exaggeration of his own, Ing. Martin Kroupa, Ph.D., an experimental physicist and data scientist specializing in radiation detection.

He has a master's and doctoral degree in nuclear engineering, He is involved in HW, SW, data acquisition and analysis, including the development of new software for data analysis.
His accomplishments to date include work at world-leading laboratories and government-funded institutions (NASA, LANL, ESA, CERN, GSI, IEAP) and private Fortune-500 entities (Leidos).
He has been a principal investigator and Project Manager for various projects for future Deep Space Gateway missions. He developed new systems for TSA and CBP and also certified and supported existing systems.
Most recently, he has supported projects at Los Alamos Na-tional Laboratory in the Space Science and Applications Group.
He has authored and co-authored dozens of publications with hundreds of citations.


This two-hour (2x45min.) lecture is addressed to all PhD students who are looking for inspiration and motivation for an exchange program, or students who want to build their future career outside their home country.

You will also learn about the challenges you may have encountered in the field of scientific work.
Typ kurzu Kurzy dalšího vzdělávání
Kód CZV_KDV_092
ISCED-F Personal skills and development
Délka v týdnech 1
Hodinová dotace 2
Požadované vstupní vzdělání Magisterské
Typ financování Z vlastních prostředků vysoké školy/fakulty (mimo operační programy EU)
Účel vzdělávání jiný účel
Určeno pro Zaměstnanci
Akreditace Bez akreditace
Garantující útvar Prorektor pro VaV
Garant Prof. Mgr. Jana Kukutschová, Ph.D.
Koordinátor Ing. Lucie Hofrichterová
Jazyk výuky angličtina
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