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While you are looking forward to the holidays, we are preparing new courses for next semester.

Science knows no borders.

Benefit from foreign lecturer's experience.

Writing Support Centre.

Complete support for the preparation of bachelor's and master's theses.

PhD Academy

Welcome to the website of the PhD Academy VSB-TUO, which was created as a support centre for the doctoral students of our University. The PhD Academy aims to be a “helping hand” and assist you in developing your publishing and presentation skills. It will also prepare you for your studies abroad and many other things.

We believe that a comprehensive range of courses focused on acquiring or improving key skills will help you develop your future scientific career and successfully complete your PhD studies. Courses will be available in presenting the results of scientific work in English, producing quality publications, preparing project proposals, undertaking projects, and in many other areas.

Prof. Jana Kukutschová
Vice-Rector for Science and Research

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The aim of the PhD Academy VSB-TUO, through a comprehensive range of courses and a system of support services, is:


  • to stimulate the development of PhD students in the areas of research and publication
  • to increase the efficiency of doctoral studies at VSB-TUO
  • to create an environment to meet the requirements for mandatory international mobility of PhD students
  • to provide support in the preparation of project proposals


  • to improve the social integration of PhD students
  • to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration among PhD students
  • to support the integration of PhD students into academia and research teams

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