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Effective and confident communication


This informative and interactive English course will help you develop skills and confidence to become an effective English communicator in every situation.
The course focuses on both professional and social contexts with practical advice on handling various interactions.
Your English language training will be conducted by a native English speaker with over 15 years of international experience at professional service firms in Sydney, London and Prague.

For whom the course is intended?
For all doctoral students.


1. Introduction - The mindset of successful English communicators
2. English conversational strategies (Part 1)
3. English conversational strategies (Part 2)
4. A practical guide to handling meetings and giving presentations
5. Introduction to the legal system and legal vocabulary
6. Surviving the corporate world – understanding business terms and phrases
7. Marketing, technology and social media language. A 2023 guide to modern English
8. Negotiations and the art of persuasion
9. Cultural differences between English-speaking countries and the impact on language
10. Word stress, pronunciation tips and tricks
11. Job interviews and business proposals
12. Informal Vs formal English and effective email communication
13. Lifelong strategies for the continuous development of your English skills

Type of course Continuing Education Courses
Code CZV_KDV_053
ISCED-F Personal skills and development
Duration in weeks 13
Scheduled hours 26
Entry requirements Master
Type of financing Z vlastních prostředků vysoké školy/fakulty (mimo operační programy EU)
Purpose of course jiný účel
Intended for Students
Accreditation Bez akreditace
Coordinating department Vice-Rector for Science and Research
Coordinator Martin Šnicer
Course Administrator Ing. Lucie Hofrichterová
Language of instruction English
With certification no