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Principles of Effective Reading and Writing


The course introduces the principles of academic writing and stylistic techniques for achieving reader-friendly, clear, and effective texts.
Classes feature professionally crafted articles, allowing students to focus on sentence and paragraph structure, style, and coherent and rational layout.
Students will also learn to summarize and paraphrase texts. In addition to study materials and assignments, participants will be asked to provide peer feedback and critically evaluate the work of others to determine how successfully the methods have been implemented.
This will help to reinforce the principles at the heart of the course and make students more likely to incorporate these stylistic practices into their own writing.

Who is the course addressed to?
Recommended for 1-year PhD students as a preparatory course before Writing for Publication. Students need to be able to function in English (B2 level and higher).


1. Developing reading skills and strategies
2. Building sentences: clause types and punctuation
3. Motivation letter
4. Style analysis
5. SQ3R, paragraph structure
6. Giving and receiving feedback
7. Paraphrasing
8. Known-new contract, passives
9. Abstracts
10. Sense of audience
11. Transition words (current practice-problem-solution)
12. Nominalisations
13. Clarity and conciseness

Available study materials:
LMS Moodle
Type of course Continuing Education Courses
Code CZV_KDV_058
ISCED-F Language acquisition
Duration in weeks 13
Scheduled hours 26
Entry requirements Master
Type of financing Z vlastních prostředků vysoké školy/fakulty (mimo operační programy EU)
Purpose of course jiný účel
Intended for Students
Accreditation Bez akreditace
Coordinating department Vice-Rector for Science and Research
Coordinator Mgr. Alena Kašpárková, Ph.D., M.A.
Course Administrator Ing. Lucie Hofrichterová
Language of instruction English
With certification no