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English for Scientific and Academic Discussion I.


This set of courses is designed to cover all the necessary areas for the systematic development of language skills - listening and speaking.

Entry requirement for the course - knowledge of English at B1- B2 level.
If students wish to test their knowledge of English, the Institute of Languages can provide an online test. This is not a prerequisite for participation in the course.


1) Critical thinking
Taking part in a discussion
2) Evaluating evidence
Note-taking techniques
Organizing a presentation – the introduction
3) Critical thinking – fact or opinion
Recognizing signposts
Presentations – organizing the main contents
4) Recognizing causes and solutions
References to earlier comments
Presentation – facts and figures
5) Critical thinking – anecdotal evidence
Conducting interviews
Presenting results
Presentations – graphics
6) Establishing criteria
Summarizing data form a table
Presentations – the conclusion
7) Making inferences
Recognizing the plan of a talk
Presentations – preparing and describing visuals
8) Reviewing and organizing notes
Successful interviews
Presentations – logical organization
9) Interpreting data in maps
Describing results in a presentation
Analyzing data critically
Presentations – presenting a survey report
10) Active listening – asking questions
Giving and supporting opinions
Presentations – delivery
11) Critical listening
Recognizing an opposing view
Presentations – establishing rapport
12) What makes a good presentation and a good speaker?
Presentation checklist
Presentations – delivery

Type of course Continuing Education Courses
Code CZV_KDV_076
ISCED-F Language acquisition
Duration in weeks 13
Scheduled hours 26
Entry requirements Master
Type of financing Z vlastních prostředků vysoké školy/fakulty (mimo operační programy EU)
Purpose of course jiný účel
Intended for Students
Accreditation Bez akreditace
Coordinating department Vice-Rector for Science and Research
Coordinator Mgr. Karolina Slamová, Ph.D.
Course Administrator Ing. Lucie Hofrichterová
Language of instruction English
With certification no