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Creating Effective Podcasts


In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to develop, record, edit, and promote podcasts that can be used to help bring your research to new audiences.

You will be led through the course by Dr. Sam Illingworth, an expert in science communication, public engagement, and interdisciplinary research.

Dr. Sam Illingworth has experience in developing impact with a wide range of stakeholders, from policymakers to community groups. He is the author of over 75 publications, with an h-index of 18.
He is also an award-winning poet and games designer. His work has generated a significant amount of local, national, and international media coverage. For example, he has appeared on both the BBC and NPR talking about his research and has had his work featured by Scientific American, Buzzfeed, and the Times Higher Education. Outside of research, he has run several successful writing workshops and has also written for radio and the stage.
Several of his plays have been performed in the UK, including by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and he has performed his poetry at a number of venues including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Green Man Music Festival.
Type of course Continuing Education Courses
Code CZV_KDV_114
ISCED-F Language acquisition
Duration in weeks 1
Scheduled hours 2
Entry requirements Master
Type of financing Z vlastních prostředků vysoké školy/fakulty (mimo operační programy EU)
Purpose of course jiný účel
Intended for Students
Accreditation Bez akreditace
Coordinating department Vice-Rector for Science and Research
Coordinator Prof. Mgr. Jana Kukutschová, Ph.D.
Course Administrator Ing. Lucie Hofrichterová
Language of instruction English
With certification no