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Decision Making


How do we make decisions?
Let’s face the truth, very few people end up being leaders and inspirations for others.
How do they succeed?
They are good at decision-making. It turns out that decision-making is a skill and we can get better by practicing! In this meeting, we are going to talk about the basics of decision-making and learn how to make decisions with given few against much information.
We will learn how the outer world biases our choices.
Do we make rational decisions or are these emotion-based?
Do you want to learn how Einstein took his decisions??


This is a practice-oriented workshop with many exercises to consolidate the learned material and develop the skill.

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Meeting ID: 823 4670 3932
Passcode: LightLife
Type of course Continuing Education Courses
Code CZV_KDV_127
ISCED-F Language acquisition
Duration in weeks 1
Scheduled hours 2
Entry requirements Master
Type of financing Z vlastních prostředků vysoké školy/fakulty (mimo operační programy EU)
Purpose of course jiný účel
Intended for Students
Accreditation Bez akreditace
Coordinating department Vice-Rector for Science and Research
Coordinator Prof. Mgr. Jana Kukutschová, Ph.D.
Course Administrator Ing. Lucie Hofrichterová
Language of instruction English
With certification no