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The April FIP Academy webinar on nanofilters and 3D Skeleton Winding

The April FIP Academy webinar on nanofilters and 3D Skeleton Winding
The use of graphitic carbon nitride for the development of nanofilters effective against bacteria and a novel process to manufacture thermoplastic structural lightweight components - 3D Skeleton Winding (3DSW), will be the central topics of the FIP Academy webinar on 6 April. The former will be presented by Ladislav Svoboda from the Nanotechnology Centre, CEET, VSB-TUO, while the latter will be presented by Björn Beck from Fraunhofer ICT, who will replace the initially announced Clemens Possel.

Ladislav Svoboda, Deputy Head of the Laboratory of Nanoparticulate Materials at the Nanotechnology Centre, will focus on one of the latest multidisciplinary research projects, which dealt with the practical application of the results of basic research on graphitic carbon nitride, namely the development of bactericidal and virucidal nanofilters permanently regenerated by daylight. 

"One pandemic crisis seems to be under control, but what about the future? COVID-19 has only shown us where our weaknesses are and that there is still room for improvement in our protection and in protecting the environment," Svoboda, whose research focuses mainly on photocatalysis, synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials, invites to a talk entitled Graphitic Carbon Nitride: Smart Solution for Emerging Issues in Modern World.

The second speaker will describe the process by which local continuous-fiber reinforcements in highly stressed component areas can be used to significantly improve the mechanical properties of injection moulded components while maximising the potential for lightweight construction. "The 3D Skeleton Winding Process (3DSW) is a robot-based winding technique which enables the winding of thermoplastic continuous-fiber reinforcements, based on commingled yarns, to complex fiber structures to locally reinforce injection moulded structural components." invites Beck, who joined Fraunhofer in 2015 and is currently Group Leader for Injection and Compression Molding in the Polymer Engineering Department at Fraunhofer ICT.

The seminar starts at 2 pm, you can register now here.

Text: Martina Šaradínová, PR specialist for R&D

Illustrative photo. Source: BB archive




Created: 17. 3. 2023
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