Security services

On the basis of a competition was chosen the company INDUS FACILITY, spol. s r.o., IČ: 01484559. They will provide both indoor and outdoor security starting from the 1st of September 2018. Safety security will be available at the Halls of Residence of VŠB-TUO and on Studentská street 1770 in Ostrava-Poruba from Monday to Sunday (22:00-06:00).

Security staff will provide the following:

  • Supervising movement of vehicles on specified roads and car parks, checking parking permission of vehicles
  • Prevention of criminal acts, preventing damage of the property
  • Supervising the grounds of the buildings
  • Checking entrance, movement and behaviour of persons on the grounds and in the buildings of the Halls of Residence of VŠB-TU Ostrava-Poruba in accordance with valid documents (The Rules of the Halls of Residence, instructions, regulations and other connected documents) respectively, in accordance with general norms of acceptable behaviour
  • Cooperation with the receptionist and other employees at VŠB-TUO and also with the camera system
  • Qualified and appropriate intervention in cases of risks to health, property, conflict situations, fires, or other emergency situations
  • Supervising the building from a fire and safety perspective
  • Protecting the accommodated and the employees from unwanted persons
  • Timely and qualified supervision at a crime scene until the arrival of the police
  • Additional activities not listed above connected with the area of the commissioned service

Security staff have the right to the following:

  • To carry out controlling activity in accordance with the Rules of the Halls of Residence article 15
  • To request an accommodation card or student identification card (ISIC card) from the accommodated
  • To deny access to individuals without the right to accommodation in the Halls of Residence of the Housing Services
  • To prevent unauthorized events and smoking in the buildings of the Housing Services
  • To prevent grilling on the grounds, apart from the designated area (allowed only next to the miniature golf course)
  • To ensure adherence to the rules regarding the keeping of quiet during the night
  • Other activities connected with providing security

Security staff equipment:

  • Uniform with the name of the company INDUS FACILITY, spol. s r.o. and with the name of "strážní služba"
  • Basic security staff equipment
  • Mobile telephone 
  • ID card

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