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The identification card replaces the dormitory card used so far. The card is used to identify person by employees of the Accommodation Services, to enter the VŠB-TUO dormitory buildings and to obtain certain services, such as the rental of washing machines, vacuum cleaners, for the change of bed linen in the Rental of beddings or for the use of self-service laundry.

It is therefore necessary to have the identification card with you at all times and present it to the employees of the Accommodation Services at their request.

The identification card can be obtained as follows:


A student of VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava will receive a Student Card at the Card Center after enrollment. This card is part of a unified identification system for students and employees within the University. It is used for ordering and dispensing food, using the car park on the university campus, using the services of the Central Library, access to computer classrooms and sports halls, access to the information system (information kiosks), for copying and printing services and now also for entering VŠB dormitory buildings. Within student dormitories, the card is used for some other services, such as a self-service laundry. At the same time, this card is important for the identification and payment of dormitory fees in the Accommodation Office.

The card center is located in the main University building in Ostrava-Poruba, room A148, where the student proves his identity with a valid document (eg ID card, passport, etc.). At the Card Center, the student will be told what type of card he wants to produce (ISIC, standard, Alive Student) and whether he requires integration with ODIS.

The validity of the card begins in September. In case of non-participation in enrollment in valid time limits, the student will arrange individually the processing of card at the university Card center.


OSU students can use same services as employees and students of VŠB-TUO for example catering services (including subsidy), favourable printing and copying, internet acces, entering VŠB-TUO dormitory buildings etc. In order to be able to use these services, it is first necessary to register with VŠB-TUO.


Registration consists of two parts:

  • online registration on web 
    • choose "University of Ostrava"
    • to login use your OSU account
    • will be shown information about you (name, surename, email); to continue the registration you have to set your date of birth and confirm the request to register
    • after successful registration, assigned personal number and password will be displayed
  • opersonal visit of Card center
    • after online registration it is important to get to Card center with your card of OSU student - ISIC or student identification card. It will be taken your photo (free of charge). After successful introduction into the system and creation of a new card, it will be possible to use individual services within about 15 minutes

The validity of the registration expires on the September 30 of current academic year.

Revalidation of registration

Each academic year is necessary to extend the validity. You can use web page - from the begining of September. After logging in, the system will directly offer an account extension until the end of September next year.

Card lost

In order to prevent the card from being misused (for example, drawing funds), the student can block it online or report the loss to the Card Center. To issue a new card, you need to come to the Card Center.


Students of other schools or other people interested in accommodation will receive an identification card at the Accommodation Office on the day of entering the dormitory. This identification card is used only for access to the VŠB-TUO dormitory buildings and for identification by employees of the Accommodation Services. After presenting the identification card to the reception staff, it is possible to borrow a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, or iron.