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The FIP-AI@VSB-TUO works with clients from industry and the public sector. Especially small and medium-sized companies without their own R&D department, or companies with a different R&D focus, can benefit from the cooperation and know-how transfer. The services offered to industrial partners in Germany and the Czech Republic as well as other partners from Europe are based on the long-standing experience of the three partners, and are enhanced to a new level by the application of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, the FIP-AI@VSB-TUO aims to strengthen the University’s research activities and application orientation, and thus to support regional companies through high-end research. It offers these companies possibilities to collaborate on international projects (e.g. Horizon Europe), rapid market access in the partner regions and networking with German companies in joint research.

An additional benefit is the enhanced career prospects of German and Czech students, PhD candidates or early stage researchers, who will all be able to complete internships in the partner country. A regular exchange of both students and staff fosters joint research and innovation and creates initiatives for new projects. 


Thermal Storage Systems

  • design and application of thermochemical systems for waste heat conversion (heat to cool)examination of various implementation scenarios and criteria for PCM-heat storage applications
  • thermodynamic modelling and calculation of thermal storage modules and systems
  • conception and construction of demonstrators for system evaluation
  • thermal and kinetical evaluation of heat storage systems (heat flux, effective storage capacity, …)
  • safety assessment for thermal storage devices and applications, FE-modeling of mechanical structures
  • mechanical design and optimization of structures under thermal and mechanical loads development of control concepts for thermal storage systems and their implementation
  • integration (mechanical, control, plant design, …) of thermal energy storage systems in production chains
  • practical experience in waste heat storing in oil associated with electricity generation
  • test polygon with heat storage in deep wells
  • heat storage systems into solid materials for family houses
  • analyses, calculations, modelling of thermal storage systems
  • utilisation of stored heat using ORC technologies
  • high temperature coatings development for molten salt cycles
  • corrosion studies in molten salt environment
  • heat exchanger materials for high temperature heat recovery

Applied AI in Forming Processes / Process Chains

  • 5G network design and application
  • simulation of forming and cutting processes
  • development of CAM software
  • development and optimization of forming processes
  • design of process chains, machinery and tools
  • sensor integration and measuring concepts
  • process data collection, storage, and analysis (search-based)
  • data reduction, important feature selection
  • data-driven process modelling, and optimization

Applied AI in Material Design / Production

  • development of production equipment and lines
  • automation and control concepts
  • material quality inspection systems
  • software modelling and optimization of materials' properties
  • soft computing and decision making for material design and production