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The amount of waste heat in the European industry offers a great potential for a more efficient use of energy. To recover the waste heat is in scope with the Fraunhofer Strategic Research Area Resource Efficiency & Climate Technologies. The integration of methodologies from AI into the addressed material and manufacturing oriented technology area is furthermore in line with the Fraunhofer Strategic Research Areas of Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation Computing. The FIP-AI@VSB-TUO will therefore foster the completion of the energy transition as well as on digitalized added value.

VSB - Technical University of Ostrava has a strong computer and data infrastructure consisting of the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, the leading research, development, and innovation centre active in the fields of High-Performance Computing (HPC), Data Analysis (HPDA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their application to other scientific fields, industry, and society. IT4Innovations operates the most powerful supercomputing systems in the Czech Republic, which are provided to Czech and foreign research teams from both academia and industry. 

The University is one of the three founding members of the Czech National Center for Industry 4.0 and participates in a number of projects on AI, including the National Competence Center - Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, National Competence Centre of Mechatronics and Smart Technologies for Mechanical Engineering. At the same time, VSB-TUO has developed the Center for Advanced Innovation Technology (CPIT - TL3), a multi-purpose facility for technical education in the fields of Industry 4.0, Smart Buildings, and Advanced Automotive Electronics. Following the principles of living laboratories, it will serve as a small-scale showcase of the latest technologies in the target domains.