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Students who choose to work on projects at the Fraunhofer Institutes have excellent prospects of starting and developing a career in industry by virtue of the practical training and experience they have acquired.

The students from VSB-TUO, especially PhD students, have a great opportunity to work on their final thesis (Bachelor‘s, Master’s or PhD) at the Fraunhofer IWU or on particular selected projects which will be implemented by Fraunhofer IWU.

VSB-TUO can use the financial support from EU program Erasmus+ and be on their traineeship. This will be an effective way of using the financial support from the EU program and implementing one of the main goals – exchange and collaboration of students and staff.

A selection procedure usually takes place on the Faculty or Rectorate level. If a suitable candidate will be interested in joining the Fraunhofer IWU, the communication between the representatives of VSB-TUO and IWU will start in order to prepare the Learning Agreement for Traineeships and the traineeship program. The traineeships can also be part of other EU funded projects (e.g. Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe).