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The connection between local public transport, individual transport and inner-city goods transport is crucial for the future of mobility. In this way, the needs of future mobility customers and services can be interconnected. In the E-Town project, the mobility concepts are subjected to a holistic view and individual solutions with high everyday suitability of e-mobility are created. The E-Town project combines technical innovations for small electric vehicles with a holistic urban mobility concept for passenger and goods transport. On the one hand, lightweight components and highly efficient electric drive systems will be integrated into low-cost small vehicles and the vehicles will be developed to the point where they are ready for registration. Based on this, a mobility concept for the cities of Chemnitz and Ostrava will be developed and implemented for residents to experience. The constructive design and the manufacturing technologies are to take into account an individualization of the vehicles in order to be able to adapt to changing requirements and user groups. This will include a broad user group such as tradesmen with special cargo space requirements (size/cooling/heating, special bodies with advertising) as well as young users (agile 2-wheelers) & old users (safe stable vehicles with 3-4 wheels and level access) or people with disabilities (e.g. no foot control accelerator & brake) in the project.

The E-Town project will open a new class of vehicles with the planned e-small vehicles. The design and powertrain topology will be unique in this combination. In particular, a very high payload factor of up to 50% for the e-trike and over 130% for the e-scooter is targeted. This makes it clear what a decisive role the lightweight construction addressed in the project plays, especially in connection with an electric powertrain.

All core processes of a charging infrastructure are developed and provided as a comprehensive service by the Czech partners ELVAC and VSB-TUO. Internet services integrate a network of arbitrarily distributed charging stations. Intuitive Internet portals make it easier for operators and also drivers of electric vehicles to use the charging infrastructure. For this purpose, the current aspects of energy supply and new mobility concepts for urban small vehicles are considered holistically for the first time and linked with sensible IT solutions. The aim is to ensure the competitiveness of all players in the long term. In the result E-Town, everyone in Chemnitz and Ostrava can convince themselves of the everyday suitability of urban e-mobility.