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As part of the "effiCOIL" project, it was analyzed to what extent a substitution of round copper wire turns by shaped coils with a rectangular cross-section of aluminum is possible and sensible. To this end, both the electromagnetic performance of the performance of the shaped coil as well as the manufacturing process was simulations. For the technical implementation of a real demonstrator in the form of a rectangular coil, a novel process chain was developed for the production of geometry-adapted coil formers was developed. This includes the sequential pressing of the initial conductor, the turns to the coil body and the final coil form and the final calibration of the winding head, which until then still had the original geometry. This process chain allows the respective geometries of the individual windings can be adapted according to their position in the groove the slot filling factor and thus to increase the performance of the electrical machine or to replace expensive conductor materials with geometrically adapted, less expensive material (in this case aluminum). Selected measurement techniques were used to The results of the forming tests were examined and the results obtained were validated.