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The aim of the project is to create a unique platform “Innovative and Additive Manufacturing Technologies” addressing multidisciplinary issues that will support and strengthen long-term intersectoral cooperation. The main idea of the project is the development and emergence of a new partnership and cooperation between research organizations and the application sector within joint research. The project will focus on research activities in the field of 3D printing of metals from metal powders by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technologies through a newly built laboratory with available infrastructure located on the applicant’s premises.

The key project activities aim to ensure the two-way transfer of unique knowledge, experience and know-how of the entities involved, prepare and develop long-term cooperation strategy between research organizations and the application sector, carry out joint research activities and plans, strengthen the existing cooperation and develop new cooperation with the application sector – entities based in the ITI Ostrava agglomeration, and establish and develop a joint research facility.

The added value of the project consists in the development of new technological solutions (3D printing of metals and 3D printing of composite materials) and innovative technologies with a connection to the current technical and technological requirements in the engineering industry. These technologies are lacking in the ITI Ostrava agglomeration and many companies are very interested in them. The project will make it possible to create a unique, qualified, expert team able to address specific practical assignments and carry out a two-way transfer of common knowledge, experience and results into the application sphere.

The project and the grant will support the two-way transfer of knowledge from research and development activities, the transfer of demand and requirements from the application sector towards research organizations, the development of specific professional skills of researchers in 3D printing developed in the university environment in cooperation with experts from foreign universities and companies from the Ostrava agglomeration. The project will create a unique interdisciplinary platform across the research facilities of universities and companies, which will provide comprehensive technological solutions from stainless steels (metal alloys) and composite materials. Additive manufacturing is a multidisciplinary issue requiring joint solutions of designers, technologists, metrologists, metalographers, surface engineers and other specialists with high technical education. Also related to 3D printing are other necessary processes, namely a new creative approach to designing (use of topological optimization and design of bionic structures), preparation of manufacturing and the manufacturing process, and post-processing (heat treatment, chip machining on CNC machine tools, surface treatment, 3D measuring and 3D scanning).