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To make industrial manufacturing processes more robust and sustainable, the IQZeProd project is developing new inline monitoring solutions for realizing a zero-defect production strategy. As a result, industry will gain more confidence in inline monitoring systems and use such systems e.g. in the automotive, wood and consumer goods industries.

The core idea of this project is to detect defects during the ongoing production process by fusing data from multiple sensors. In the state of the art, selective attempts have been made to improve specific sensor technologies or to introduce new sensors in specific production processes. In contrast, IQZeProd will develop a scalable multi-sensor monitoring approach that can be applied to diverse manufacturing technologies and easily retrofitted with new algorithms and sensor principles. The result is to guarantee a defect-free end product at the end of the production chain by detecting all defects in the ongoing production process.

For validation purposes, technology cases in sheet metal forming, wood processing as well as 3D printing will be investigated in order to achieve practical cross-industry solutions.

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