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The decreasing batch sizes pose a major challenge for companies. One example is the restoration of classic cars, for which there are hardly any spare parts left. To restore the vehicle to a flawless appearance, in some cases individually manufactured spare parts are required. The use of conventional forming techniques is unattractive here because of the high tooling costs.

In the automotive industry, too, conventional forming tools hardly meet the necessary requirements due to increasing individualization. Innovative manufacturing processes are therefore urgently needed. Here, electromagnetic forming offers itself, for which considerably less complex tools are required. Until now, however, it has not been possible to manufacture large components using this process.

The Czech-German project "SELF - Sequential Electromagnetic Forming", which combines electromagnetic and incremental forming, is intended to provide a remedy. In this process, a sheet is formed successively with the aid of a large number of electromagnetic pulses as a tool coil moves step by step over the sheet without contact. Our scientists have now demonstrated the technological feasibility of the process combination using an industrial example. It has been shown that the process is very well suited for the production of large-area components.


  • Low costs thanks to versatile tooling
  • Can be used for a wide variety of materials, especially aluminum
  • Protection of the workpiece surface due to non-contact force application