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The May FIP Academy webinar will focus on sustainable energy

The May FIP Academy webinar will focus on sustainable energy
Both lectures of the May FIP Academy webinar, which will be held on 4 May, will centre around innovations aimed at achieving sustainable energy. The webinar will feature two speakers: Dieter Weise from the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (Fraunhofer IWU), and Martin Reli from the Institute of Environmental Technology (IET), which is a part of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEET) at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO).

Dieter Weise, who is a regular participant at the FIP Academy, will give a presentation on Production for And with Renewable Energy. He will demonstrate through practical examples the opportunities that Fraunhofer IWU uses, and how innovative applications of modern production technologies lead to new products in the field of renewable heat. Fraunhofer IWU is one of more than 70 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, which is one of the largest organisations for applied research and development in the world. Fraunhofer IWU specialises in research in the field of engineering, machining and forming technologies.

Martin Reli, a researcher at IET CEET VŠB-TUO specialises in photocatalysis and its applications in various fields. Photocatalysis is a process in which chemical reactions occur under the influence of light, allowing the use of solar energy for clean energy production. In his presentation entitled Photocatalysis as Promising Way for Solving Energy Crisis?, the author will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using photocatalysis in various fields such as hydrogen production or carbon dioxide reduction.

You can register for the webinar, which will take place at 2 pm via MS Teams, here. The language of instruction will be English.

Text: Martina Šaradínová, PR specialist for R&D

Illustrative photo. Source: DW archive

Created: 25. 4. 2023
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