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Celebrate the International Children's Day with Science: Join the FIP Academy Webinar!

Celebrate the International Children
The final webinar of this academic year will be held on 1 June. The webinar will feature Clemens Possel from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT and Michal Kravčenko from the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center at VSB-TUO. Their lectures will cover topics such as quantum chemistry on quantum computers and AI-based surrogate models in engineering practice. Join us to gain knowledge and insights from these experts.

The main research interests of Clemens Possel from the Fraunhofer ICT are quantum computing, quantum chemistry, and molecular dynamics simulations with a focus on application-oriented method development. At the webinar, Clemens Possel will deliver a presentation entitled Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers - Simulation Methods for Molecular Structures.

"Quantum computing, based on the fundamentals of quantum physics, promises great changes in future computation. Although the benefits of quantum technologies for real-world applications have not yet been demonstrated, promising candidates to boost the abilities of computing resources are being investigated," said Possel, who will focus his talk on the potential of quantum computing for the prediction of properties of molecular systems. He will also present some approaches that could overcome some of the hardware limitations that make the transition from classical to quantum computers difficult.

Michal Kravčenko, a researcher at the Parallel Algorithms Research Lab at the IT4Innovations Center, will focus on a currently very popular topic of alternative models in engineering practice.

"In this talk, I will present the work on developing one particular surrogate model that uses artificial intelligence methods, with the data needed for training, testing and validation generated by the Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations," Kravčenko outlined the content of his presentation.

The webinar is scheduled to begin at 2 pm on 1 June. To join the webinar, please register here.

Text: Martina Šaradínová, PR specialist for R&D

Illustrative photo. Source: CP archive

Created: 18. 5. 2023
Category:  News
Entered by:  Bc. Kateřina Angus
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