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VSB-TUO emphasises the quality of publishing, which is a natural and integral part of the work of academics and researchers. In the period 2016-2020, a total of 2 038 articles with VSB-TUO affiliation were published in impact journals registered in the Web of Science database. Nationally, this corresponds to 9th place by quantity. The quality of the publications in 2020 is represented by the 231 articles published in Q1. Of these, 72 were in the top ten percent (1st decile) of journals in their field.

Number of Q1-Q4 Publications by Impact Factor


Papers published in Science and Nature Family

Silica-supported Fe/Fe-O nanoparticles for the catalytic hydrogenation of nitriles to amines in the presence of aluminium additives
Chandrashekhar Vishwas G.; Senthamarai Thirusangumurugan; Kadam Ravishankar G.; Malina Ondřej; Kašlík Josef; Zbořil Radek; Gawande Manoj B.; Jagadeesh Rajenahally V.; Beller Matthias
Nature Catalysis DOI

Real-space imaging of anisotropic charge of sigma-hole by means of Kelvin probe force microscopy
Mallada B.; Gallardo A.; Lamanec M.; de la Torre B.; Spirko V.; Hobza Pavel; Jelinek P.
Science DOI

Fast and selective reduction of nitroarenes under visible light with an earth-abundant plasmonic photocatalyst
Poulose Aby Cheruvathoor; Zoppellaro Giorgio; Konidakis Ioannis; Serpetzoglou Efthymis; Stratakis Emmanuel; Tomanec Ondřej; Beller Matthias; Bakandritsos Aristides; Zbořil Radek
Nature Nanotechnology DOI

The stability of covalent dative bond significantly increases with increasing solvent polarity
Lo Rabindranath; Manna Debashree; Lamanec Maximilián; Dračínský Martin; Bouř Petr; Wu Tao; Bastien Guillaume; Kaleta Jiří; Miriyala Vijay Madhav; Špirko Vladimír; Mašínová Anna; Nachtigallová Dana; Hobza Pavel
Nature Communications DOI

Articles in the 1st Decile of Impacted Journals