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VSB-TUO is a university for whom a significant part of research activities are carried out in cooperation with industrial partners, and with a focus on the specific problems faced by industry and society. Quality and focussed research is a priority that represents a founding pillar for the future functioning and development of the entire institution, not only in terms of the advantages this brings to education in individual technical and economic fields, but also in terms of social relevance. The University is a key element in the transformation process and development of the Moravian Silesian Region.


In an effort to be a respected centre of focussed research at national and international levels, the University concentrates its scientific interest on areas in which it is capable of excelling. These key areas of research are energy (including advanced materials and the environment), and High-Performance Computing. Within these fields, researchers are addressing highly topical issues that are both essential for the development of the region and the country. These research fields are also crucial for the European Commission as they reflect the Green Deal, Digital Europeand other essential strategies.

We are a living laboratory where acquired knowledge is researched, verified, and developed for practical use.

We have a natural curiosity and desire to move things forward, beyond the horizon of contemporary knowledge.

We have the courage to seek unconventional solutions to social challenges.

What do we want to achieve?

To be a recognised centre of focussed research

The strategic objective of our focussed research is to improve quality in all aspects of the University’s activities, including publishing, and to strengthen the level of excellence in selected research topics. This is also linked to the development of international and interdisciplinary collaboration. Fulfilling these goals is essential for the University to become a respected partner for research and development, not only nationally but also internationally. The development of educational and motivational tools supports the production of quality publications by international teams of authors, the preparation of project proposals for international calls, and strengthens excellence in key areas of focussed research.


  • Increasing the number of quality publication outputs
  • Strengthening excellence in key areas of focussed research
  • Development of interdisciplinary and international cooperation
  • Strengthening the business potential of the University
  • Building infrastructure for open science

To be an incubator for promising employees

The strategic objective is to build a comprehensive education system for the development of soft skills, mastering the principles of publishing, and other areas that form prerequisites for the successful career development of promising researchers. To this end, the PhD Academy was established to provide courses not only for PhD students but also for other researchers as part of lifelong learning.

Supporting activities lead to the development of skills of researchers and PhD students in the areas of publication, project work, and other areas that are important for building their scientific career and improving the quality of doctoral studies. The acquisition of these skills by young researchers will also be reflected in their scientific performance, which will have a positive impact on the whole University.

The full version of the Strategic Plan of VSB-TUO 2021-2027 can be downloaded here.