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Since 2017, the evaluation of science and research results has been carried out in accordance with the Methodology for the Evaluation of Research Organisations and Programmes of Special Purpose Support for Research, Development, and Innovation (Methodology 17+), which focuses on quality assessment based on five basic modules:

  • Quality of selected results
  • Research performance
  • Social relevance of research
  • Viability
  • Strategy and concept

The relevance of each module varies according to the position of the organisation in the R&D system. The essence of Methodology 17+ is to transform the evaluation of R&D in the Czech Republic from a one-dimensional evaluation parameter to a multi-criteria system comparable to evaluation systems in developed European countries; from a system preferring quantity of results to a system emphasising quality and excellence.

VSB-TUO is also included in a number of prestigious international rankings that evaluate and compare institutions providing tertiary education.

Among the areas that are most frequently assessed are teaching quality, internationalisation, scientific research performance, including the publication of high-quality scientific papers and citations, and cooperation with industry.

In 2020, VSB-TUO underwent an international evaluation, which is in accordance with the Methodology for Evaluation of Research Organisations in the University Segment.

During 2020 and 2021, the University was also evaluated by a team of foreign experts within the Institutional Evaluation Programme.

Academics and students of VSB-TUO also receive individual awards in domestic and international evaluations and competitions.