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English I 

The course is intended for “false” beginners who have completed an A1 course in the winter semester, or have made other attempts to study English. Lessons will be focused on mastering basic communication skills in English. It systematically develops all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and language skills (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation). Teaching is conducted according to the principles of communicative approach to language teaching, with an emphasis on practical training in communication skills.

English II 

The course is intended for intermediate students and follows the course that took place in the winter semester. Teaching will focus on repetition and deepening of grammar, vocabulary extension in the form of conversation and listening comprehension. It is designed for those who have reached at least the pre-intermediate level of language, they want to keep their knowledge, refresh or improve it slightly. The textbook used will be the New English File 3r edition (Pre-intermediate or intermediate), which can be borrowed at the university library. The textbook that will be finally selected will be specified during the first lesson. 

English conversation 

The course is intended for pre-intermediate to intermediate students, and it will be taught by a native speaker. It is especially suitable for those who have already achieved a certain language level (B1 - B2) and want to focus mainly on the ability to communicate in that language. This course will help students to overcome linguistic barriers and helps to increase their mobility in their personal and professional lives. It is directed to the practical use of the language as a communication tool and focuses on the practical use of English – especially in speaking and listening. The course will focus on the most widely used language functions, on everyday situations in life, the ability to express on the level of advancement and overcoming the fear of communicating in a foreign language.