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Dear candidates,

Part-time study is one of the forms of study at the Technical University of Ostrava. The Institute of Foreign Languages provides education (consultation) at all seven faculties. At the technical faculties, it is a four-semester study, at the Faculty of Economics a two-semester study, but the students study two languages. Each semester is completed by a credit test, at the end of the study, students take an exam. The study is usually realized in a part-time form. Students have a computer lab, PC Pavilion (Student Dormitory, block D) at their disposal, where they can revise and improve foreign language skills at different levels in the form of self-study.

Teachers in the part-time programmes (cz version)

For part-time study students who chose within their field study English or German language, the following conditions apply:

  • Students select the language they studied at secondary school: it applies for FAST, FS, HGF, FMMI and USP; students at FBI and FEI compulsorily choose the English language. 
  • Students will attend an initial meeting (according to the schedule), at which they will be informed of the course of study of the selected language. If interested, they can take a credit test ahead of schedule at the initial tutorial (the condition is bringing their own laptop connecting to the VŠB network, see manual).
  • The English language can be studied using electronic material in the electronic library. Folder Archive, Password: practice (subfolder English for CS), as well as using textbooks: Kollmannová, L: Angličtina nejen pro samouky inovace (+ key and audio cassette), LEDA 2005
  • The German language can be studied using the book
    Drmlová, D., Homolková, B., Kettnerová, D., Tesařová, L.: Německy s úsměvem nově. Fraus, Plzeň 2003
  • The Russian language can be studied using the book
    Neklová, V., Camutaliová, I., Vasiljeva-Lešková, A.: Ruština nejen pro samouky. Praha: LEDA 2002, 2007, 2009. ISBN 80-7335-112-9

All credit tests and examinations take place within the premises of the VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava on the dates determined by the teachers.