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Languages: English | German | French | Spanish | Russian

The instruction is divided into four semesters and begins in the summer semester of the first year. Students are required to select one of five languages: E, G, F, S, R. To study F, S or R, knowledge at the secondary school level is expected. If a student is beginning to learn the language, s/he can only select English or German. Students are required to obtain 4 credits and pass an examination in the selected language.

In the combined study, it is the case of instruction referred to as “cizí jazyk a” (foreign language a) (German and English) and “cizí jazyk b” (foreign language b) (Russian, French and Spanish), in both cases with credit rating 0-0-0-0. The examination is conditional on obtaining the credits for all four semesters and it is evaluated by 6 credit points. Teaching is conducted in a combined form, methodically prepared teaching materials are used, and consultation hours are available for students.