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Dear candidates,

The Institute of Foreign Languages annually organizes language courses at several levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Teaching in our language courses takes place over a period of three months, two lessons a week,  to  the extent of 24 lessons of instruction. The courses are taught by qualified Czech teachers. The advantage is working in small groups (10-12 participants), which among other things, ensures the maximum quality and intensity of training. The content and pace of learning  are  tailored by the teacher to best suit the needs and demands of the participants.

The course fee is 2,100 CZK and must be paid by a bank transfer by 1st Feb. 2019 (Account number 127089559/0300. For the variable symbol see the table below.) In the case an employee of the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava is paid for the course by the university, please contact the secretary of the Institute of Languages, who will explain how to proceed with the payment.

To register for the course, use the online form below. The contact person is Mgr. Libuše Halfarová, Ph.D., email , office A 438 in the Rectorate building Ostrava-Poruba. 

The registration of applications for the courses in the following semester has been opened. 

The minimum for opening a course is 10 students. You can check the number of enrolled participants, using the table below.

Courses will start in the 2nd week of the semester , provided that they are filled , i . e . that at least 10 applicants pay the above - mentioned course fee on the given date .


Course   Variable symbol  Course start  Day / Hour
English I  AN 7121901 7.3.2023 Tues. 14:15 – 15:45 JD 360
English II  AN 7122301 8.3.2023 Wed. 12:30 – 14:00 *
English conversation  AN 7122302 6.3.2023 Mon. 16:00 – 17:30 *
English II -online AN 7122303 8.3.2023 Wed. 12:30-14:00  *
German I  DE 7122304 7.3.2023 Tues. 16:15 – 17:45 *
German II  DE 7122305 8.3.2023 Wed. 16:00 – 17:30 *
Russian I  RU 7121908 9.3.2023 Th.  12:30 – 14:00 *
French FR 7121907 6.3.2023 Mon. 19:00 – 20:30 *
Spanish  SP 7122306 6.3.2023 Mon. 17:30 – 19:00 *

* Due to the low number of applicants, the courses will not be open.

** It is necessary to write your name and the name of the course into the "message box for the beneficiary" when paying via bank transfer.


To enrol in a language course, use our form.


The minimum number to open a course is 10 students . Another option is to open a course for a smaller number of students and increase the price .

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