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Dear candidates,

Within all programs of doctoral studies, Ph.D. students are obliged to pass a foreign language examination during their doctoral studies. When taking the examination, students must achieve level B2 - C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Therefore, the optional tutorials provided by the Institute of Languages do not include courses for beginners.

Every Tuesday 

9:00 – 10:30 Academic Skills part I (Mgr. Radka Juříčková, Ph.D.) room RV202

Main focus: research, review, citation, English for science, English for academic

environment, exam preparation, with the intention to improve your writing skills.

Registration by email 


Every Tuesday

10:45-12:15 Academic Skills part II (Mgr. Karolina Slamová, Ph. D.) room RV202 

Main focus: presentation of a professional topic, preparation for a conference,

exam preparation, English for academic and scientific environments, with the intention to improve your speaking skills.

Registration by email 

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For further information, Ph.D. students can contact by phone or in written form:

Mgr. Andrea Wlochová, Ph.D. Mgr. Radka Juříčková, Ph.D. Hana Jochcová
Head of the Institute Head of doctoral studies Secretary of the Institute
email:  email:  email: 
tel.: + 420 597 321 706 tel.: + 420 597 321 714 tel.: + 420 597 321 707