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Dear candidates,

Within all programs of doctoral studies, Ph.D. students are obliged to pass a foreign language examination during their doctoral studies. When taking the examination, students must achieve level B2 - C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Therefore, the optional tutorials provided by the Ph.D. Academy or by the Institute of Languages do not include courses for beginners.

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For further information, Ph.D. students can contact by phone or in written form:

Mgr. Andrea Wlochová, Ph.D. Mgr. Radka Juříčková, Ph.D. Hana Jochcová
Head of the Institute Head of doctoral studies Secretary of the Institute
email:  email:  email: 
tel.: + 420 597 321 706 tel.: + 420 597 321 714 tel.: + 420 597 321 707