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English Language Elementary | Intermediate

Language learning is divided into four semesters and begins in the winter semester of the 1st year of the study. Students are required to study the English language, and they can select the elementary level (a) or the intermediate level (b).

Students who select the elementary level, submit a secondary school report (not only a secondary school leaving certificate) documenting that they did not study English at secondary school at all, or that they did not study it for more than 2 years.

In combined study, the instruction at the elementary level is referred to as English Language a/I, II, III, IV, and at the intermediate level as English Language b/I, II, III, IV, in both cases with credit rating of 2-2-2-2 (students qualify for the examination by acquiring credits for all 4 semesters).

Credits are obtained by students on the basis of written, or possibly oral verification of the required knowledge. To obtain credit, the student has a maximum of 2 sessions. If s/he does not obtain credits during these sessions, s/he has to ask the head of the Department of Foreign Languages for permission of another session.

For the examination, it applies: 1 regular session and 2 retakes. If the student does not comply even during the second retake, s/he has to repeat the course. After mastering the curriculum specified for the examination, the student can, after consultation with the teacher, take the exam at any time during the compulsory instruction – it does not apply to students who study the language at the level (a). Teaching is conducted in a combined form, methodically prepared teaching materials are used, and consultation hours are available for students.