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Candidates for the Study in Czech

In view of the required quality of the admitted students, the Department of Foreign Languages will apply a unified system, testing the knowledge of the Czech language of foreign students applying for study.

In agreement With The Common European Reference Framework for the European Council Languages, language skills corresponding to Level B2, or Level B1 after the decision of the dean of the relevant faculty are required for problem-free study in the Czech language at the VŠB-TU of Ostrava.

Length, extent and structure of the examination

  • The exam has an oral and a written part

The written part includes:

  • lexical and grammar test (only Level B2)
  • reading for comprehension
  • writing (text stylization)
  • listening for comprehension

In the oral part, the ability to react promptly in everyday situations and to speak fluently about a given topic is evaluated in a supervised conversation.

Topics for oral examination:

  • social phrases
  • family
  • the city and the country, place where we live
  • job, study, education system
  • leisure time, travelling
  • health and illnesses
  • culture, art, customs and traditions
  • nature, weather, the four seasons

Terms of examinations

Date Time Room
14. 12.    10:00. A 429

In case of a lot of applicants taking the test, a term for the oral exam will be set flexibly.

Unsuccessful candidates can repeat the exam at an arranged term.

The Certificate will be provided for those candidates who get 60% minimum from the total evaluation.

For the levels of language skills according to The Common European Reference Framework for the European Council Languages see the web pages of the Department of Foreign Languages – current affairs. The exam is charged. Information concerning the fee and way of payment as well as the application form for the exam and the deadline for submitting can be found in the Czech version of the document.

The application form can be sent by mail or it can be delivered in person on the following address: VŠB-TU Ostrava, Katedra jazyků, 17.listopadu 15/2172, 708 33 Ostrava - Poruba (please, write čeština B2, B1 on the envelope). The deadline for the applications is a week before set terms.

Mgr. Karolína Slamová, Ph.D.
head of Czech section
tel.:+ 420 597 321 740