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When you have non-zero Service Account value please come to card center before you leave university. It is no needed to come personaly. It is possible to entrust someone with the settlement. The authorized person must have a written authorization to get the funds from account. If the Service Account state is in the debt it has to be paid.

The Card Center does not issue or send any documents (by post or electronically)!

Student ID cards are not returned.

In the period after the completion of the bachelor's and before the start of the master's study the student card is not valid. During this period, it is not possible to take advantage of online verificated discounts provided by ISIC / ALIVE card holders - eg. travel insurance offered on The way how to make the card valid is to ask study office to make an enrollment in the information system (IS) for further study. After entering the information into the IS, the validity of the card is renewed within 15 minutes.


The Card center does not handle.

Employee cards are not returned.