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Owners of university identification cards have the option to copy, print and scan on self-service devices that are connected to the SafeQ printing solution. Printing and copying is not free. Payments  are made automatically from the services account which is maintained in the Kredit catering system (e.g. canteen meals are paid for from the same account). It is necessary to have sufficient funds on this account to use reprographic services.

To print, copy or scan you need to log in to the machine by holding your ID (or student card) to the reader located on the device or fill in your username and password. After logging in the corresponding device function is selected and it is possible to copy or scan. To print, you must first send the print job to the server. It is possible to use PCs at the university that have the necessary printer installed (e.g. PCs in the library, study room). You can also send the printout from your own PC. For this you need to install the corresponding printer. After sending the job for printing, you log in to the machine by attaching your card to the reader and select print on the machine.

Simple instructions for operating the device are located with each machine.




Deposit to the Service account

Funds can be deposited into the Service account without cash (using a payment card, transfer, money order, etc.) via EPS or in person at these locations. All deposited funds can be used for any services that use an account maintained in the catering system (Kredit).

History of using

A detailed history of the using of the reprographic system includes a breakdown of the services provided and their prices. The report also includes information on sent (not yet printed) jobs - specifically, the number of black and white and color pages. Even before printing it is possible to find out whether the job was sent and recognized correctly (the data is only informative - the billing itself is carried out on the basis of the data from the machine after printing). Account status and recorded operations are available on Kredit's website at:

Device credit blocking 

It is sufficient to have a sufficient amount of money in the account to log in to the machine. An amount greater than the price of one A4 copy on the given device is required. The system blocks this amount when the card is placed to the cardreader at the machine. Blocking occurs even if it is only scanning. In the course of copying, the blocking gradually increases according to the performed outputs. When you log out you are charged for printing and copying. Active blockings are displayed in the account history of the catering system (which is available on cattering system Kredit website. In case the credit is not unblocked (e.g. due to a problem with the device) you need to contact the system administrator.


SafeQ admins

Questions, comments and problems can be entered directly into Helpdesku CIT or by email to